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Holiday Tricks: Clean and Decorate for the Festive Season

When you combine cleaning with decorating for Christmas, the time will go by quickly and it is guaranteed to be oh so enjoyably! Here are cleaning tips:

  1. Make Space for the Christmas tree: Most people have to make space for an indoor Christmas tree. As you move chairs and other furnishings around, be sure to have your vacuum and duster on hand. This is a wonderful opportunity to clean the room.
  2. Fireplace mantle: Do you have a collection of angels or Santa figurines? Clean off your fireplace mantle or the window sill and remember to dust and wipe as you do. You might de-clutter at the same time too, say the Domestic Cleaning Professionals at MOLLY MAID – is there anything on these surfaces that you don’t want to display or keep anymore? Dust off and shine up each Santa and angel as you create a festive display.
  3. Decorate the staircase: Look closely at the staircase railing (and staircase in general) because this is where dust and dirt accumulates and there are likely scuffs and possibly pet hair as well. Grab your duster and dust these areas. Then, vacuum if possible. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any marks. It might also be the time to touch up walls with a lick of paint if you have time. Once this is done, wind garland or a string of lights along the staircase.
  4. Festive Scents: Do you use various fragranced products in your house? Now’s the time to switch your regular products with Christmas scented hand moisturisers and room fresheners… think festive peppermint, ginger, orange and evergreen. It’s also nice to put cinnamon and other scented candles in bathrooms. Wipe all surfaces clean before you do.
  5. Light Dusting: Hanging mistletoe is lots of fun for parties and holiday gatherings. But first dust and clean the lights – or a guest may get a surprise dusting when they embrace!