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Novel ideas to fill your advent calendars

If you’ve set yourself the challenge of a making one of the homemade advent calendar as suggested in our blog on14th November, you will no doubt appreciate some ideas as to how these can be filled. MOLLY MAID, the house cleaning professionals, have some novel ways in which you can mix your daily gifts up. Do remember that age appropriate gifts are always appreciated.

  • Write fun “challenges” for the children to do throughout December – with a reward at the end.
  • Pop in age appropriate jokes.
  • What do you plan to do that day? Leave an exciting message for the children to open and read: “Today we will pick out our tree”, “today we will take our Christmas presents round to Granny’s house”, “tonight we will go for a drive to see the Christmas lights”, “this evening we will make popcorn and watch a family movie”, and so on.
  • How about a voucher? Make your own!
  • Gold and silver coins, or other Christmas treats.
  • The first clue in a treasure hunt – how exciting! Save up some little bits and pieces as the “prize”.
  • The name of a recipe you will cook with the children that day -perhaps some special Christmas cookies (or a photo of the cookies you will bake! – make sure you have time for this in your diary, such as on a week-end!)
  • Tickets to a special Christmas show or pantomime.
  • Mini booklets with stories for the children to read (or leave them blank ready for them to write their own stories).
  • Save up miniature toys, knick-knacks and puzzles.

Remember that this can be a very rewarding and enjoyable activity that children will remember.