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Is it Time to Clean Out the Junk Drawer? Here’s How!

In a perfect world the junk drawer stays clean, tidy, and orderly forever.

But family members are forever rummaging in the junk drawer looking for something, so there comes a time when the drawer’s contents need to be sorted out and tidied if anyone has any chance of finding anything!

In fact, the home cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID recommend cleaning out the junk drawer at least once every four to six months to stay on top of the clutter.

Here’s how to clean it out:

  1. Take everything out of the drawer, sorting each item into five piles as you do: ‘keep’, ‘throw away’, ‘recycle’, ‘put in a different drawer’, ‘not sure’.
  2. Vacuum out the drawer (remember to use the crevice tool to reach all the corners) and wipe with a slightly damp microfibre cloth.
  3. Line the drawer with lining paper. The paper will help keep it clean. Wallpaper will work instead of drawer-lining paper. Or, scented paper will keep things smelling great.
  4. Return items to the drawer in an organised fashion. Consider making a trip to the pound shop to get some small containers which will help keep order.
  5. Anything left in the ‘not sure’ pile? It might be time to discard it.