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Autumn crafts: don’t let the rain get the family down!

With the shorter, darker evenings and cooler weather setting in,it can be daunting trying to find activities to entertain your family without resorting to the television or computer. MOLLY MAID, the house cleaners, suggest that you gather your supplies together and set your creative juices to crafting. Some of these ideas will take you back to your childhood! Here are some autumnal crafting ideas to get you started:

  • Leaf Rubbing Fairy

Autumn is a fantastic time to take leaf rubbings and this craft is a lovely way to use them. Maybe it could be used to record a special walk?

You will need:

Skin-tone or white card
Glue stick


Put the leaves under the paper, with the veins facing up, and, holding them still, rub over the paper with the side of your crayon so a picture of the leaf appears on the paper.

Cut out your leaves following the outline of the leaf shape.

From the card cut out a body shape and draw on the face and hair. Use the leaf rubbings to make a dress and wings for your fairy and glue them to the body.

  • Autumn Collage

Here’s an excuse to go outside and collect some autumn leaves! Even the youngest children can make a pretty autumn collage that you will be proud to display.

You will need:

Autumn leaves


Press your leaves for a couple of days by slipping them between sheets of newspaper under a heavy book.

Arrange your leaves on paper and glue in place, and add any further decoration you like with pens, crayons or pencils. You could also use glitter or even stickers to make your autumn collage special and original.

  • Family Tree with a difference

This family tree display makes a great project at any time of year, but also an unusual and special gift.

You will need:

Branch with plenty of smaller branches
Vase or pot
Orange, red & yellow paper (for leaves)
Pens, string and pipe cleaners


Make a 3D tree. Find a branch/ twig and pop it into a vase or pot. On the back of each leaf write one reason why you love that member of your family. Punch a hole in the top of each leaf and tie them to the tree in the same order as you would a family tree.

  • Hanging Leaves Garland

Hanging Leaves Garland makes a really super display for Autumn and involves the fun of leaf collecting and rubbing too (while learning to identify the different leaves!).

You will need:

Paper in red, orange and yellow
Brown or red crayon or chalk
Cord or string
Sticky tape
Autumn leaves


Lay your leaves vein side up on the table. Place your paper on top of your leaves. Holding your crayon or chalk firmly rub over the leaves using the side of your crayon. Cut out the leaves. Secure each in place with a bit of sticky tape so they are spread along the cord. Hang as bunting!