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Relax: Enjoy a Day to Yourself

Finally, you have a day off for yourself. Organise for MOLLY MAID, the professional house cleaning company, to wave their magic wand giving you back the precious gift of time leaving you free to enjoy some of the following:

  • Catch a film with friends, a loved one or alone.
  • Relax in the garden with Sudoku puzzles or the crossword.
  • Just read – for the entire day!
  • Sample a new restaurant in your area or town.
  • Meet a friend for a walk in the park and catch up.
  • Go window shopping in a shopping area you don’t normally go to.
  • Book a pedicure.
  • Treat yourself to an ice cream cone.
  • Visit a second hand store and see whether you can get some deals at reasonable prices.
  • Call someone you have not called in a long time… and chat.