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HOUSE WORK: How to Clean Without Pulling a Muscle

Cleaning the house is a great workout – the domestic cleaners at MOLLY MAID know all about that. However, MOLLY MAID also know that it’s important to do all that physical work in such a way as to avoid injuries. Here’s a checklist:

  • Always keep work close to your body. For example, carry the vacuum cleaner close to your body with a firm grip on the middle section. Rather than reaching too far, use high dusters or cloths wrapped around the heads of mops instead. Or, use a small step stool or small ladder.
  • Always use your legs not your back. For whatever the job, crouch or kneel to bring your body closer to the chore.
  • Rather than bending over to clean a mark from the floor, kneel down.
  • Change sides frequently. For example, alternate the microfiber cloth between the left and right hands, or alternate the broom between the right and left sides.
  • Select the best piece of equipment for the task and use it effectively – try a duster with telescopic handles and kneepads.
  • Take breaks to stretch muscles.
  • If any of your equipment is worn out, replace it.
  • Avoid lifting or moving any objects that are too heavy for you(such as heavy furniture, the fridge etc.).
  • If there’s a carpeted floor and the furniture you’re moving is lightweight (not a monstrous heavy sofa), move it by bending your knees and pushing or pulling. Never move heavy furniture and appliances alone – instead, try to share the burden with someone else.