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7 Great ‘Staycation’ Ideas

Not everyone can or wants to plan a week away during the summer. In fact, some people like to take advantage of fun activities in their local area. Here’s a guide.

  1. Get up early and go to a market on the other side of town.
  2. Plan a local potluck barbeque – and invite families. Create an activity theme such as cricket, rounders or badminton – and prizes for everyone.
  3. Go to a local zoo. Let children linger at exhibits they find fun. If there’s no zoo, visit a child-friendly museum or aquarium instead.
  4. Head to a theme park. Check ahead as many offer annual passes for not much more than the cost of a one-day ticket.
  5. Plan a picnic at a nearby conservation area or park. Pack a lunch, a blanket, and a Frisbee or ball.
  6. Camp in your own garden. Borrow or buy a tent. After you’ve set it up, gather air mattresses, sleeping bags or blankets, pillows and mosquito repellent. Pack drinks in thermoses and snacks in small resealable plastic bags.
  7. Last but not least, have your house cleaned by the professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID. Part of the pleasure and fun of going on holiday is having all the cleaning chores taken care of by someone else.