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Keeping COOL: Summer Party for Children

There’s nothing quite as exciting for children than water being the main feature of a summer party. There’s always a way of amusing the children with water irrespective of whether you have a temporary paddling pool, a swimming pool or a sprinkler! MOLLYMAID, the house cleaners, suggest that even something as a simple as a garden hose will do the trick!  If the prospect of having excited children running around at home fills you with dread, you may decide to invite them to the local park which may have water features designed to entertain children. If so, don’t forget to follow this perfect ‘pool’ party checklist:

  • Invitations: Ask your children to help you draw up the invitation list and make invitations together. They may even wish to create Evites or other online invitations. Do remember to state start and end times clearly!
  • Pool Party Necessities: Explain that it’s a ‘pool’ party… and that everyone needs to bring swimsuits, towels, goggles, hats, and sun cream. Make sure you have an area of shade, picnic blankets, some pillows and beach towels.
  • Help: Ask a few parents to lend a hand. The more eyes around water there are, the safer and better.
  • Games: Plan water games that everyone can enjoy. If you’re in a pool with a deep end, keep games limited to shallow-end games and make sure that the games are age and ability appropriate.
  • Food/Refreshments: Children love basic fare such as pizza. Add raw carrots, cucumber, celery and hummus, fruit kebabs, cake or biscuits, fruit juices and plenty of water. Do remember that sweet treats will attract summer insects such as wasps, so be armed with insect repellent/ cream.
  • Pool Toys: Stock up on squirt guns, swimming noodles and kick/flutter boards. A basketball hoop or volleyball net is always a fun addition for guests of all ages.
  • Music: Prepare a play list with your children if you’re hosting the party at home. There is nothing more fun for children than to play to party tunes!
  • Party bags: They’re not necessary if you’re having an impromptu summer party, but the pound shop is a great resource if need be… seasonal ideas such as sun cream, sunhats, water bottles or puzzles always go down well.