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Long Weekend Fun

With summer in full swing, it’s a perfect weekend for good times whether you are staying in town or heading out.  Here are some great ideas:

  • Find an organized event: During long weekends, many communities host organized events with parades, air shows, free musical concerts – and lots of delicious food.
  • Day tripper: Pack up the car and head out of town. Look for community barbeques and other events such as local bands, fetes and country shows.
  • Parade: Gather your family together and go see a parade with marching bands, clowns, floats… and food. Everyone will love it.
  • Plan your own long weekend party! Throw a get-together for friends. Make up a batch of burgers or make it a potluck. Be sure to provide music, a cold fridge for beer and lots of shade. Enjoy.
  • Picnic: Spend the day in a conservation area or park with your family. Work up an appetite with a game of Frisbee or rounders.