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Dog Day Afternoon: How to Groom Your Pet

If you own a dog, you know how much dirt and dust they can bring into your home. They also start smelling like a dog, so to speak, if they don’t get regular baths. So why not plan a do-it-yourself spa day for your dog? Your pet will probably love all the attention- and your clean house will love it too!

Start.  Begin by brushing your dog with a flea comb. Even if they don’t have fleas, the comb will loosen up tangles.

Ears.  Gently clean inside the ears. There is special cleaner available from your vet or specialized pet supplies store. Or use a slightly damp, clean microfibre cloth.

Nails.  If you’ve always clipped your dog’s nails, then check them and give them a trim. If not, you might want to go to a groomer for this.

Run the bath.  Get a medium or large-sized outdoor tub/container (plastic children’s pools work great) and fill it up about half of the way. Put your dog in the tub and get them wet. Alternatively for indoors if the weather is too cold, use your bath tub with hand-held shower head to wet all of their hair.

Use shampoo and conditioner.  Shampoo your dog’s fur well and then rinse it off completely. Then, apply conditioner onto your dog and let it sit for a few minutes (if possible). Then, thoroughly rinse it out again.

Dry time!  Your dog will probably be happy to jump out of the tub or leave the shower area – or pick them up and place on a towel. Dry their fur all over with a towel. They will love the rub-down. Use a hair dryer if that works too. As they dry, brush your pet’s fur again.

Brush their teeth.  Use a special doggy toothbrush and toothpaste to clean their teeth. This helps keep teeth – and breath – clean and fresh. There is also special dog food and chew toys available that helps to keep their teeth clean too.

Reward. Give your dog a bone.