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Moving home? Useful tips for getting organised

Moving home is widely acknowledged as being one of the most stressful events in life. Here are a few handy tips that will make the process just that little bit smoother for you and your family.

  • Change of address list. With so much to think about, it’s easy to leave important things to the very last minute and this can cause you problems. Put together a change of address list, featuring friends and all the organisations you deal with, as soon as you know you’re moving and this will help you to stay ahead of the game. Acting early and notifying all your contacts about your upcoming move will ensure you avoid missing out on important mail sent to your old address
  • Give phone and internet companies as much as notice as you can. There’s nothing worse than moving into a new home and feeling cut off without a phone or the internet. With long waiting lists the norm, you need to give phone and internet companies as much notice as you can so that your services are ready and waiting for you on the day you move in
  • Start planning your packing early. Depending on how much stuff you have stored away in the attic, you might want to think about hiring a skip for the week before you move. Or certainly you should consider a few trips to the local recycling centre. It makes no sense to waste time packing and unpacking things that you won’t need in your new home.
  • Think about hiring a professional cleaning service. You’ll have enough on your mind on the big day without having to worry about leaving your old home in the spotless condition that you’d expect your new home to be in when you move in. Surprisingly perhaps, recent research found that 1 in 5 of the households in the UK didn’t clean their property last time they moved – many of them simply not getting around to it in the mad rush. One sure way to avoid last minute panics is to have a professional cleaning service on hand to do the job for you. Molly Maid is particularly experienced at helping people in and out of properties and our flexible approach makes us the perfect choice for fitting in with the tight timelines required on moving day.


Find out more about how Molly Maid, the UK’s leading residential cleaning company, can help you by ringing 0800 377 7507. And good luck with the move!