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Spring Cleaning Series: Kitchen and Bathroom

There is no shortage of spring cleaning chores in the kitchen and bathroom. The home service professionals at MOLLY MAID provide these quick checklists for each of these regularly used rooms:


  1. Go through the larder and food cupboards and dispose of anything that is past its expiry date. Any packaged foods that are fine but you know you won’t eat should be collected and dropped off at a local food bank. Thoroughly wipe out and clean the inside of cupboards, then replace food items.
  2. Empty the messiest drawers and sort through contents. The cutlery drawer is always well used and often filled with crumbs. Wipe drawers out.
  3. Clean out the fridge looking for items that have expired over the winter months. Wipe all surfaces and drawers. Sort through the freezer, moving older items to the front.
  4. Carefully pull out the fridge and stove and clean behind and underneath them, also sides and top. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to clean a self-cleaning oven. Degrease the stove’s hood.
  5. Clean small appliances too. Clean off stains and buff shiny surfaces. Do special cleaning chores too. For example, to de-scale the kettle: fill it half-and-half with white vinegar and water and leave it to soak overnight. Using an old toothbrush, dislodge any stubborn bits of lime scale. Rinse out thoroughly a couple of times and then boil some water to eliminate any odour of vinegar.


  1. Remove the shower curtain and liner and wash in the washing machine (if possible) with detergent or 1 cup of baking soda.
  2. Wash the slip mat on both sides with hot soapy water.
  3. Clean the window and venetian blinds, or any other blinds you have.
  4. Clean out the medicine cabinet.
  5. Wipe down moldings.
  6. To keep the showerhead working, unscrew and remove the nozzle. Pour vinegar into a bowl and immerse the head – soak overnight.
  7. Clean the fan cover.