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Who Does More Housework, Men or Women?

It probably won’t shock you very much to discover that women do more housework than men. What might surprise you, though, is that the gap between the sexes, in this respect, is much closer than you might think. Women spend 8.14 hours a week, on average, cleaning the house which is only 53 minutes longer than men.

That was one of the interesting findings from a study of 2,000British adults conducted by OnePoll on behalf of MOLLY MAID, the UK’s leading professional domestic cleaning service. The survey also highlights some other interesting differences between men and women, when it comes to doing the chores.

  • 30% of men never dust, compared to 16% of women
  • Women spend 3.2 hours a week doing laundry compared to 2.2hours for men
  • Women spend more time preparing the dinner, 4.1 hours a week, than men who spend just 3.25 hours sweating over a hot stove
  • Other tasks were more evenly matched: women do still spend more time cleaning the toilet, vacuuming and dusting than men – but only just

Perhaps the most intriguing fact to come out of the survey was that we spend an average of 10 years of our life on mundane everyday tasks such as maintaining the house, cleaning and tidying. One thing that we found was common to both men and women was a desire to spend more time doing things they enjoyed rather than the boring old housework. (No surprises there, then!) That’s why more and more households are turning to companies like MOLLY MAID for help.

MOLLY MAID has experienced a significant increase in home cleanings over the last 12 months with a rising number of people taking the liberating decision to pass the housework on to someone else. This frees up valuable time to focus on more enjoyable activities such as reading, relaxing with friends and family or just watching TV.

In fact, even this week top female entrepreneur Shaa Wasmund -when asked what her top business tip would be – stated: “Hire a cleaner….seriously, hire a cleaner. Why are you spending time cleaning, and ironing, and all that, when you could be spending that time on your business or socialising?”

After the miserably wet winter that we have all been through, you might well be thinking of freshening things up at home with a big spring clean. Instead of putting it off from one weekend to the next, like many tend to do, why not call in the professionals who will set about the task with relish. Among other benefits, that’s sure to give you and your other half one less thing to argue about this year!