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DAY OFF: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Go Green

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17. Celebrate with these green ideas.

  1. Wear It: The simplest way to celebrate this holiday is to wear something green… a scarf, hat or sweater.
  2. Make Something: According to, a great craft to make is a Tissue Blossom Tree. Gather branches that have fallen outside and let them dry off if necessary. Cut out 2 inch squares of green tissue paper. Pinch tightly in the middle to create ‘blooms’ and then glue them to branches with white glue. Display your Tissue Blossom Tree in a tall container.
  3. Green Icing: Make chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, and decorate with green icing. How to make a brilliant green icing: add one drop of red, four drops of blue and one drop of yellow to your favourite icing for a deep green colour; three drops of yellow and one drop of green will make a bright lime green colour.
  4. Set the Table Green: Serve green vegetables for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day. There are so many choices; brussels sprouts, green beans, kale and broccoli. While some kids prefer raw broccoli, others like them stir-fried or steamed – so many choices!
  5. Clean Green: Be sure to use green environmentally safe cleaning products. Look for ‘non toxic’, ‘non reactive’, ‘non corrosive’ and’100 percent biodegradable’ on the label. ‘Green’ cleaning products are often made from (renewable) plant-based materials such as palm kernel oils, coconut oils, sugars and soybeans. To reduce your carbon footprint, purchase products with as little packaging as possible. For example, buy in bulk or concentrate and use reusable bottles.

MOLLY MAID has a Green Housekeeping Programme, designed for the health and safety of our customers, their family and pets, our staff and to protect the environment.