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Let the Sun In: 5 Wacky Ways to Clean Windows

    1. Newspaper is one of the most often cited ‘tools’ for cleaning windows – and it works. The home service professionals at MOLLY MAID have also heard that it’s important to use newspaper that is a few days old – so you’re sure ink on the pages is completely dry and won’t leave streaks on the glass (or dirty your hands). Use newspaper with this make-your-own cleaner: 2tbsp white vinegar in 1 gallon of water. Fill a used spray bottle and squirt over window surface. Scrub with newspaper.
    2. Lemon Juice, Straight Up. Spritz lemon juice on the window and rub clean with newspaper. It will look and smell wonderful. No lemon juice? Try club soda.
    3. says cornstarch is the magic ingredient in its homemade window cleaner: Mix together ¼cup each of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar, 1 tbsp cornstarch and 2 cups warm water. Put into spray bottle and shake. Always shake well before using too (the cornstarch tends to settle). Spray on windows and wipe.
    4. Coffee Filters. Out of paper towels or no newspaper? Use a coffee filter, which substitutes as a great cloth for cleaning glass surfaces and mirrors. The filter removes streaks and smudges without leaving lint behind.
    5. Blackboard Eraser. Use a clean blackboard eraser to rub over your windows after you clean them. It will eliminate streaks and leave behind a shiny finish.

    THE FINAL WORD: Don’t forget to add elbow grease to your window cleaner recipe, say the house cleaners at MOLLY MAID! To clean windows, spray window cleaner on the surface, then polish dry with a clean, lint-free cloth such as a microfibre cloth.