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Valentine’s Day – 9 Ways to Pamper the Ones you Love

Valentine’s Day  is an opportunity to tell someone that you care. While it’s often done with red roses and a table for two, Valentine’s Day is just as nice when you show your fondness for anyone who makes a difference in your life. Consider the crossing guard at your child’s school, people you exercise with, or the owner of a neighbourhood store. It’s all about making people feel special.

Here are some great ways to do it:

  1. Tuck a handwritten note and chocolate bar into your child’s lunchbox or partner’s jacket pocket.
  2. Bring a box of chocolate into the office – and offer them to people throughout the day. You can never go wrong with chocolate.
  3. Do someone else’s chore. If your husband is in charge of going to the dry cleaners, do it for him today. If your teenage son is in charge of putting out the garbage, do it for him. Make dinner and clean the kitchen for your parents.
  4. Serve everyone’s favourite dessert. Perhaps your husband loves chocolate cake (buy a cupcake and ice it yourself), your son loves chocolate chip cookies (make a batch), and your daughter loves chocolate pudding with whipped cream (easy!).
  5. Send flowers. Enough said.
  6. Send a gift of a house clean to someone you love. Giving a few gift cleaning services from MOLLY MAID is a wonderful way to show you care.
  7. Bring healthy homemade oatmeal cookies to your exercise class -for after class of course.
  8. Rent a favourite movie where everyone lives happily ever after- and watch it together while munching down on your favourite take-out meal (so mum doesn’t have to cook).
  9. Make your own Valentine’s Day cards and deliver them by hand along with a few chocolate kisses.