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Do Your Elderly Parents Need a Cleaning Service?

Who wouldn’t love to have their home cleaned by a residential cleaning company like MOLLY MAID! With the busy lives we all lead these days, having a maid service do the cleaning saves valuable time.

Sometimes having professional house cleaners becomes a necessity. You may have a disability or in the case of retired persons, you may not be able to manage the cleaning chores all by yourself anymore.

Age Gracefully at Home

A lot of seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as they get older – and that means helpful services, like a house cleaning service, are key. While cleaning may have been something they’ve always managed to do themselves, it may make sense or it may be a necessity to have someone else take over.

With loved ones who are getting older, it is often the family that organize the house cleaning company. They may have noticed that their parents’ home is in disarray more than usual or things just don’t seem to be getting done. Or, the parents’ health may have deteriorated in such a way that it’s important to get them help.

Call in the Professional House Cleaners

While the aging parent may resist, once the house cleaners are scheduled and cleaning is underway, life becomes so much easier -and cleaner – for them.

MOLLY MAID, the number one residential maid service in the UK, recommend that adult children be at the first meeting with the parents and the Franchise Owner so everyone can walk through the home together and note or highlight areas or chores that are important. Also, are there breakable or fragile vases, knick-knacks, etc., that you would all prefer left off the cleaning list? What are special cleaning chores that need to be done? What kind of timing is important? Perhaps the homeowner likes to sleep until ten, or is an early bird?

A quality house cleaning service such as MOLLY MAID is flexible and will fit the clean into the homeowner’s schedule as best as they can.