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Re-think the Laundry Room and Make More Room with Less

The laundry room is all about dirty clothes, isn’t it? But you can organize the space to keep it cleaner and tidier. MOLLY MAID, the professional house cleaning company, provides these ideas and tips so you never trip over a pile of clothes again!

Smart Appliances: Combination and stackable washers and dryers used to be available only in small sizes but now you can get them in full-size units too. They free up floor space and are more energy efficient when you do the laundry.

Sort it out: When you put laundry in he laundry room it will help to sort it right away into whites, darks, and delecates. You’ll need a multi-compartment of some kind to help, even if it is just three separate hampers.

On the Shelf: Keep laundry tools an supplies organised and tidy on shelving above or near the washer and dryer. Clear all surfaces by hangings helving above or adjacent to the washer and dryer. If this isn’t possible then just use baskets or containers to store supplies so everything is kept neat and tidy.

Dry Spell: Instead of the standing dryer racks that take up floor space, install wall mounted racks that pull out accordion style. Then, when you don’t need them they fold back up against the wall.

Iron ‘Efficient’: If you tend to iron a lot, keep the iron and ironing board handy and easy to pull out and set up near the room you do your ironing

Lost and Found: Keep a basket where you can put socks that have lost their mates – the other will ultimately show up.

Clean Scheme: An organised laundry room is great but it’s important to clean it regularly too. Clear the lint trap after each load and schedule regular cleaning of your dryer, hose and duct. Also wipe the surfaces weekly. Lint, hair and dust accumulate quickly in the laundry room. Have a garbage can with a lid in the room to keep the lint and other debris inside.