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MOLLY MAID Method: How to have a Squeaky Clean Bathroom All the Time

It’s easier and less time-consuming to keep a bathroom clean if you do it on a regular basis. The goal is to maintain the room’s cleanliness instead of letting dirt, mildew and soap scum build up.The expert house cleaners at MOLLY MAID provide these bathroom cleaning tips – and everyday habits:

  • Keep a small window squeegee in the shower and encourage everyone to use it after their shower. Removing water and soap from tile walls and the shower door after every shower slows down the formation of water spots on the walls.
  • Keep a cloth under the sink and wipe out the sink every time you use it.
  • Wipe down tap handles every day. They come into contact regularly with hands contaminated after using the toilet.
  • Keep a hand-held vacuum near the bathroom to vacuum the floor every day.
  • Avoid filling the bathroom with things that could be kept somewhere else. Try to keep products and small appliances(hairdryer, electric razors, etc.) off the counter and in their place. Keep small bath oil bottles and moisturizers in a decorative basket or tray to keep them organized.
  • Keep bottles, hairdryers and other bulky items in bins or baskets inside bathroom cabinets.
  • Have a regular review of all products. Remember that sponges, loofahs and toys that are consistently wet can become mildewed and unhealthy. Shake off or squeeze out excess water after use. Let them fully dry. Replace these products periodically.
  • Keep the wastebasket under the sink and out of sight. If you can’t do that, put a clean plastic liner bag into the garbage container and throw in a fabric softener dryer sheet to help avoid odours.
  • To prevent hair clogs in the tub or shower drain, cover the drain with nylon netting.
  • Fix foggy mirrors by rubbing a small amount of glycerin or shaving cream onto the surface, then wipe clean.
  • Keep the toilet brush next to the toilet – and remind everyone to help keep the toilet bowl spotless after each use.
  • Consider buying a high efficiency toilet with good flushing power. It really does help keep the bowl clean and can even safe money on your monthly bill.
  • Spread out the shower curtain after every use – this will inhibit mildew from forming.
  • Keep scented wall plug-ins, room freshener spray, potpourri or scented candles in the bathroom for freshness.
  • When light bulbs are cool, dab perfume or essential oil on them to scent the room when the light is turned on and the bulbs heat up.
  • Don’t let anyone leave their dirty laundry or towels on the floor. Have a hamper nearby.
  • Change towels and face clothes regularly.