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Forget-me-not: 5 Chores that Probably Need Doing

A clean house makes you feel fabulous, doesn’t it?

However, sometimes there are areas of your house that need cleaning, but they just keep missing the must-clean list.

Here, MOLLY MAID professional house cleaners highlight five of those often-forgotten cleaning chores.

  1. WALLS: Letting fingerprints, smudges or marks accumulate on painted walls means you may end up with a huge chore on your hands. Plus, dirt that has been there for a long time is sometimes tougher to remove. It’s best to clean according to the paint finish on the wall. If the paint has a sheen, it is likely washable and you can use a soft microfibre cloth and mild detergent cleaner. Walls that have a flat finish are toughest to get clean. You can actually affect the paint finish with even light cleaning. Don’t scrub too hard and avoid harsh cleaners. If the area doesn’t come clean, you may have to use paint to touch it up.
  2. CEILING FANS: Take a close look at your ceiling fan. The more you use it, the less likely you will be to notice a buildup of dust and dirt. MOLLY MAID house cleaners recommend cleaning a ceiling fan with the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner wand or using an extendable high duster. You may still want to put a large towel underneath the first time you run the fan after it has been sitting for a while, just in case some dust particles fall.
  3. SKIRTING BOARDS AND MOULDING: This part of your home takes a lot of abuse from people and pets and tends to accumulate dirt and dust. Over long periods of time that dirt can discolor and damage the finish and/or paint on the skirting boards and moulding. Dusting these areas regularly will help keep them clean. When necessary, wipe them down with a soft microfibre cloth rinsed in warm soapy water.
  4. FLOOR SCRATCHES: Wooden floors are notorious for getting messed up with scratches and gouges, but there’s an easy way to deal with them. Try colouring the scratches in with a specialty wood fill stick available from most DIY stores. Match the colour, and the wax will fill the scratch and help it blend in with the wood. If your floors are particularly light coloured – such as natural maple or oak – you could try covering the scratch with paste wax. Then, here’s a word to the wise: buy felt protector pads for the bottom of chairs and other furniture that may scratch floors when moved.
  5. CHANDELIERS AND LIGHT FIXTURES: One way to clean a glittering light fixture is with a spray-on specialty cleaner (check your local hardware store). Spread towels or a drop sheet underneath the chandelier first. Then, spray the product all over the chandelier. The grime slips off as the fixture drips dry. You can also clean each piece by hand with a soft microfibre cloth rinsed in warm soapy water.