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8 Neat January Outings with your Family

8 Neat January Outings with your Family

What can you do when it’s cold and dreary – and your kids have got cabin fever? Here are 8 activities that will keep everyone happy.

  1. Visit a Museum: Most museums have one time a week or month when it’s free to get in or drastically reduced in admission price. Do your research and find out when you can load the kids in the car and head over. If there’s a dinosaur exhibit, even better.
  2. Bowling: Take the family to a 5-pin bowling lane and let those balls fly. This is a game that most ages can manage, and most bowling alleys now have electronic score keeping.
  3. What’s on at the Library: The public library is a treasure trove of programs for kids – with grown-up books for you. Drop in or check their website. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Skating: Indoor and outdoor ice rinks are all the rage. Everyone will love lacing up and skating together with music playing and the smell of hot chocolate and donuts as you pass the snack bar.
  5. Stargazing: Check conservation areas nearby for a special night sky activity you can participate in – or bring your binoculars and enjoy.
  6. Craft Store: It can be a lot of fun to visit a craft store and see what’s popular. Let them use their allowance money or, if they’ve behaved well, treat them to something special.
  7. Hike: There is nothing like a winter hike in a nearby park or along a shoreline. Just be sure to dress warmly in layers and maybe even bring hot chocolate in a thermos too!
  8. Movies: Why not treat the family to an afternoon movie. It’s always a special fun time!  If you have a large family, going to the movie theatre can be expensive – instead, bundle up with blankets and pillows, make some popcorn and rent a movie or watch it ‘on demand’.