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8 Great Summer Stay-cation Ideas

A ‘stay-cation’ (which means you stay local during your holidaytime, rather than packing up and travelling somewhere else) can bejust as fun for your family as a holiday away. It’s all about beingopen to new ideas, getting creative and doing some research. Hereare some ways to enjoy yourself (and save a bit of money too)!

  1. Plan a Picnic: Everyone will love having agood old fashioned picnic in a nearby park, conservation area oryour own backyard. Be sure to bring some games and good food. Checkout the  <ahref=”/posts/2013/july/summer-picnic-how-to-keep-them-delicious-and-safe.aspx”>Summer Picnic Guide from MOLLY MAID for tips on a safe anddelicious picnic.
  2. Get (a little) Lost: Pack a lunch, fill thecar with petrol and head out of town to discover quaint villages,pretty landscapes and beautiful countryside.
  3. Step Back in History:  Kids love learningabout the past when they are immersed in it. Visit an old castle afort or a living museum.
  4. Hit the Beach: Find the nearest lake orshoreline, pack swimsuits, sunscreen and a frisbee and enjoy abeautiful day on the beach.
  5. Become a ‘Photographer’: Use your digitalcamera – or smart phone – and take pictures of the family in exoticor fun places in town. Perhaps there’s an outdoor square, asculpture garden or a pretty harbour where you can set up some nicefamily photos.
  6. Have a Pizza Party: Pick up favourite fixingssuch as ready-made dough (check your local pizzeria or grocerystore), mozzarella cheese, fresh veggies, pepperoni or bacon andprepared pizza sauce and pick a little fresh basil from the gardenif you have it. Then, put on aprons and become a chef!
  7. Have a Pamper Party: Wear dressing gowns, puton moisturizing masks and give each other pedicures. Put cottonballs between your toes and be sure to choose fun nail polishcolours.
  8. Hire MOLLY MAID: Treat yourself to a cleanhome from MOLLY MAID cleaning experts. It’ll be easy to see thebenefits of having your home professionally cleaned on a regularbasis.  Find your local MOLLY MAID now!