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Green Cleaning: A Guide to the Right Products!

Many cleaning products contain numerous chemicals, which can be bad for your family and the environment. The expert home cleaners at MOLLY MAID use cleaning products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly! Here are their tips for when you are looking for green cleaning products.

General cleaning: It is important to avoid cleaning products that contain phosphates, chlorine, and VOCs. These additives can be harmful to your health and the environment. Try finding all-purpose cleaners, which can be used interchangeably between your bathroom and kitchen, that contain naturally occurring substances such as lauramine oxide, TEA lauryl sulphate and caprylyl glucoside.

Laundry: There are various types of green laundry detergents, which are also eco-friendly! Most green laundry detergents are great because they do not contain perfumes and other additives, as they can irritate your skin. Always make sure that the label on the detergents says that the product is free of toxic chemicals, most importantly phosphates.