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How to Get Your Kids to Love Helping You Clean Pt 2

When it gets harder to convince your children to make an effort around your home, the home cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest more fun cleaning games to help raise the importance of cleanliness around the house!

Why not give these fun games a try?

  • Shoot for the hoops. Set up a laundry basket and ask your children to sort the socks. When they have found a pair, they can practice their free throws! Tally to see who gets the most in the basket.
  • Dust for coins. Hide some coins around the house and ask your children to do some dusting. When they come across the coin they can keep it once that area has been dusted.
  • Host a fashion show. Ask your children to walk down the catwalk in clothes that they haven’t worn in a while. After their strut, vote on which clothes stay in the wardrobe and which clothes get donated.
  • Race against time. Name a specific task, like collecting all of the dirty clothes off the floor, and set a time limit. If they complete the task in time, reward them with an extra10 minutes of playtime before bed.
  • Musical Chores. Turn the music up and sing along. Try playing musical chores. Give your children a cleaning task and when the music stops, switch up the task given.