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Christmas Is Coming – How to Prepare Your House for Guests

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year with lots of specialoccasions and get-togethers. If you have friends and family comingwith their overnight bags, prepare your home ahead of time so it’sa relaxed and stress-free visit for everyone. The house cleaningexperts at MOLLY MAID provide these cleaning tips to help make yourhome shine for your guests.

First Impressions: Brighten up a dull frontdoor with a decorative wreath. Also, be sure there is decentoutdoor lighting to help guide any evening carol singers up thepath. Finally, sweep up leaves, which can be slippery when wet.

Clear the Halls: The hallway and stairs canbecome a dumping ground for damp coats and outdoor shoes. Keep thearea clutter-free by providing coat hooks and a shoe rack. For theholidays, replace any worn doormats too. It looks welcoming andhelps to protect your carpets throughout the house from dirtyfootprints.

Set the Scene: Welcome guests into abeautifully presented living room. Soft throws and pretty cushionsprovide an instant update for your sofa while bean bags are greatportable seating for younger visitors. Remember to pre-empt marksand spillages by putting coasters out to protect surfaces from cupsof tea and glasses of champagne. Christmas flowers such ashyacinths or a Christmas rose will add a delicate fragrance – andan instant lift to the room.

Let it Glow: No matter what the weather,candlelight will bring a warm glow to your home. Place tall taperedcandles on the dining table, put tea lights in coloured holders onthe mantle place and shelves, and arrange church candles in thehearth. The interior design rule is that odd numbers look betterthan even… so arrange candles in groups of three or five and makesure you have a replacement stock for when they burn out. Choosenon-drip candles so that you don’t have to clean up dripped wax andintroduce a spice scented option to add to the festive atmosphere.Never leave a candle unattended and be sure to supervise pets andchildren around candles at all times.

Silent Night: Make up beds for overnight guestsahead of time and be sure to provide space and hangers for theirclothes. Place a soft towel and guest soap on the duvet, and amagazine and carafe of water on the bedside table is a thoughtfultouch. To make guests feel really welcome leave a Christmaschocolate for them as well, but close the door to protecteverything from children and pets! If you have more guests thanbeds consider buying an inflatable mattress that can be inflated inseconds and packed away and stored easily.

Bathroom Glitz: Thoroughly clean the bathroombefore overnight guests arrive. Tidy all lotions and if you’ve runout of storage space consider a wicker basket, which always looksnice. When the room is gleaming and clutter-free, put out a freshbar of soap, towels, shower gel and shampoo. For the perfect finishchoose colour co-ordinated products. And don’t forget to leave agood supply of loo roll too!

Add Sparkle: Check your supplies of essentialcleaning products and make sure you have sufficient washing upliquid, dishwasher tablets, soap powder and carpet shampoo.Allocate specific responsibilities – such as loading thedishwasher, vacuuming the carpet and sorting the laundry – todifferent members of the family so that you don’t end up doingeverything yourself.

Of course, if you just haven’t got the time and need a helpinghand, MOLLY MAID can help make your home sparkle from top to bottomand give you the valuable gift of time.