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Dog Breath Be Gone: MOLLY MAID Knows What To Do!

The cold weather may mean you are snuggling more often with your pooch… but those slobbery kisses and panting in your face are a huge reminder that a dog’s breath can be pretty nasty. Here are 3 easy tricks to help freshen your dog’s breath (and it won’t cost a fortune!)

  1. RAW BONES: If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth regularly (and vets do recommend that you do) help keep your dog’s teeth clean by stocking raw bones. Chewing and gnawing on bones helps clean your dog’s teeth and that helps to get rid of the plaque and germ build-up – that cause bad breath. An added bonus? Your dog will love the treat! Check with a butcher or grocery store meat department.
  2. CLEAN BOWLS: Food and water bowls are actually an ideal environment for bacteria, which is a major cause of bad breath in dogs. The maid service experts at MOLLY MAID recommend that you wash out your dog’s bowls at least every other day to prevent bacterial growth.
  3. FRESH WATER: Lastly, remember to regularly change your dog’s water. Having clean water helps rinse out your dog’s mouth and prevents the ingestion of dirt and other items that may have fallen in the bowl.