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MOLLY MAID Experts Use the ‘4 Ns’ When Grocery Shopping

Next time you head to the supermarket, keep the 4 N’s in mind to ensure you’re buying the healthiest food for your family that you can. The green cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID have identified these ‘clean living’ strategies.

1) Natural: Nutrition experts recommend that you eat as much unprocessed food as possible (so lots of fresh vegetables and fruits). Buying organic produce is also recommended- minimal pesticides are used in the production of organic foods.

2) Naked: Keep the environment in mind and choose products that have minimal packaging. Granted, sometimes you can’t avoid packaging. But perhaps there are foods you can buy at the bulk food store in place of other packaged foods. (This also sends the message to food manufacturers to reduce packaging.)

3) Nutritious: A diet that highlights healthy food choices (the four food groups) with an emphasis on fresh and unprocessed, is top priority, according to health experts. Fast food and sweets should be treats or foods that you eat once in awhile and not as a steady diet.

4) Now: Planning your menus around in-season produce makes so much sense. In the fall, for example, the harvest includes squash, turnip, pumpkins and a huge range of other delicious foods. Not only are these foods at their freshest and tastiest, but sometimes you get a break in price too because the produce hasn’t had to travel from another part of the country – or another country.