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Pillows and Other Bedroom Products: Here Are Important Expiry Date Guidelines

It’s nice to finally crawl into bed at the end of a long day, but how often do you consider the expiry dates of pillows and other items that makes up your bed?

MOLLY MAID previously provided household product expiry dates for the bathroom and kitchen. Now it’s time to conquer the bedroom.


Expiry Date: 2 years.

Dust mites and dead skin cells are only a couple of the treasures found in your pillow. Microorganisms feed off of each other and multiply as time goes on.  Investing in a new pillow every few years is a good idea. Use a special pillow cover as well.


Expiry Date: 8-10 years

A high quality mattress should supply proper support for many years. To assist in the longevity of your mattress, flip it twice a year and rotate bottom to top.


Expiry Date: 1 week

Changing bed sheets should be done on a weekly basis. Naturally produced body oils can build up on sheets and pillow cases and can actually result in breakouts or skin irritation. Of course, the sheets themselves can last many years when properly washed. Plus, there’s nothing like crawling into a freshly made bed.