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Toothbrushes and Other Bathroom Products: Here Are Important Expiry Date Guidelines

You use certain bathroom products every day, but how long should you continue to use the same item before you replace it?

MOLLY MAID provides these guidelines for expiry dates of household products you often use in the bathroom. Of course, you should always look for the manufacturers’ guidelines as well.


Expiry Date: 3 months.

The NHSrecommends tossing your toothbrush every three months – to avoid a build-up of bacteria and because of wear.


Expiry Date:

Mascara: 3 months

Powders, lipsticks, eye pencils: 6 months

Makeup is exposed to bacteria on your face, and that’s why you want to follow these guidelines… to limit the accumulation of germs.  If makeup hasn’t been opened it has a shelf life of about two years if stored in a dry, cool place.


Expiry Date: As soon as dullness appears (usually after 10-15uses)

If your razor is dull you will experience pulling and irritation when shaving.  This can cause cuts and ‘razor burn’ on your skin and that can feel quite uncomfortable.  The quality of razor used can help improve its lifetime.

Check back in the coming weeks to learn about the expiry guidelines for kitchen items and bedroom items.