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3 Ways to Showcase Your Books in Style from MOLLY MAID

Arranging your books in different patterns is a fun way to liven up your bookshelves and make your books part of your decorating scheme!

  1. One way is to use colour and arrange the lightest colours of books on the top shelf and then work your way down for a graduated effect.
  2. Another way is to arrange books from the darkest coloured books at one end of a shelf to the lightest books on the other end. For balance, reverse the direction of colour on the next shelf down and so on.
  3. A more practical way to showcase books is to arrange them in alphabetical order by author or title and use decorative book ends of big individual letters (placed on the bookshelves or the first book of each letter) to mark the start of each section.

These ideas work on all styles of bookcases, from individual ladders to a continuous rainbow on a run of wall-shelving.

The cleaning services experts at MOLLY MAID recommend that you rotate your books regularly when dusting and cleaning – to help keep the covers from warping and fading. Other cleaning tips: be sure to clean along the top spine with a feather duster or cloth -that’s where dust tends to settle.