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Scratched table? Here’s how to fix it, plus other tips and tricks from MOLLY MAID

Some days it feels like getting through your house cleaning checklist is the most time consuming job in the world! You keep stumbling on little problems that need extra attention. Here are some really helpful tips and tricks from the cleaning services experts at MOLLY MAID for taking care of some of those little ‘big’ problems.

  1. SCRATCHED DINING ROOM TABLE: Fix a scratch in your wood furniture by rubbing a walnut over it – any nick or scratch will soon be barely noticeable!
  2. DROP THE BACK OF AN EAR RING? If you can’t find a tiny object that you dropped accidentally, place a nylon sock or stocking over the vacuum hose – there will be enough suction to help find the item without sucking it through the vacuum.
  3. CLEAN A SKINNY VASE: If your hand doesn’t fit down a narrow vase, fill it halfway with water and drop in two effervescent antacid tablets such as Alka-Seltzer tablets to do the dirty work for you. These tablets actually contain baking soda.