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Change Your Bed-Making Routine for the Better – MOLLY MAID offers a great idea

Airing your bedding before you make up the bed is now being highly recommended by health experts.

That’s because most people perspire when they sleep, and leaving the bedding exposed helps to dry it out. Opening a window to air out the room helps dry sheets too and it removes humidity. Fresh air actually prevents condensation problems and discourages dust mites, which love humidity.

For your house cleaning checklist, here’s how MOLLY MAID recommends making your bed from now on:

  1. When you first start cleaning the bedroom, open the window if possible
  2. Turn back all the covers on the bed
  3. After 20 minutes, the air in the room will have been exchanged and the mattress and sheets will be fresher and drier.

Be sure to teach everyone in your family this new rule. Sticking to your regular house cleaning routine can be dull – why not add a bit of fun into the mix and dance around your room while it airs out!