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Spring Clean your Community to Celebrate Earth Day – MOLLY MAID shows you how to work together for a healthy green environment

Spring cleaning is not just suited for your home anymore – you can spring clean your community too!  Is there a popular communal park in the area in which you live  that is often littered with rubbish? Wouldn’t you like to see it cleaned up?  In honour of Earth Day, why not organise a community cleanup? Working together for a healthy environment is a great opportunity to further develop relationships with your neighbours and those around with you. Here are some ideas to help share your love of a cleaner and greener environment:

Rally your neighbours

  • Talk to your neighbours and post signs (on recycled paper) letting your community know you’d like to organise a cleanup of the local park, school, community centre, etc.
  • Consider putting a notice on your local town or community’s website requesting volunteers and advertising the date and time of the cleanup.

Add some extra Fun

  • Make the cleanup into a fun ‘scavenger’ hunt; who can find a banana peel or a pop can?
  • Through a bit of competition to the mix; who can fill their bag with rubbish first or who can collect the most bags of rubbish?
  • Try to involve the children – after all, it is their environment too and they need to learn how to respect and look after it.

If possible, ask the school, community centre or park, whether children could plant some colourful plants either into the ground or into tubs. The added splash of colour is bound to make a positive contribution. You could even make a competition out of this as a way to draw in children and young people to take part in this worthy initiative.

Sort through your Goodies

  • Did you know that your local recycling driver could add up to three extra hours to their regular ‘route’ because of improperly sorted recyclables?
  • Set up containers labelled ‘rubbish’, ‘recycle’ and ‘compost’ and be sure to properly sort the items you collect.
  • Sorting the rubbish could be a great way to get the children involved and to teach them about the importance of recycling.

Enjoy a Potluck Lunch

  • You’ll build up an appetite after all the great work you’ve done, so celebrate your success by asking everyone to bring their favourite ‘starter’ or sharing platter … you might want to wash your hands first though!
  • Socialise and mingle with your neighbours and gain a stronger sense of community – and a greener earth!
  • Why not set a date in the diary for the same day next year?