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How to Make Your Copper or Brass Shine – A Cleaning Tip from MOLLY MAID

Ketchup can do more than liven up an omelette or chips. In fact, it’s a great product to use when you need to shine your copper or brass items.

How best to uncover the warm glow of copper or brass after a dark winter?

  1. Dab a little ketchup onto a cotton ball
  2. Buff the item in a circular motion.
  3. Wipe the item clean with a dry, microfibre cloth.

It’s a brilliant solution… and a great start to spring cleaning.

Visit us again soon for more cleaning tips using everyday items that most of us have in the cupboard already.

And, if you run out of steam to clean, call MOLLY MAID. Our cleaning services can help to make your home sparkle.