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An important message on how we’re working to keep you and your family safe during these times. Read more on our Coronavirus updates here.

Shine the Leaves of Houseplants – A Cleaning Tip from MOLLY MAID

If the leaves of your houseplants are looking dull – and let’s face it, once winter draws to a close everything in the house starts looking dull – grab a jar of mayonnaise.

Yes, mayonnaise can help make leaves all beautiful and shiny again. And, that’s one of those housekeeping details that can help keep your whole house looking and feeling fresh and clean!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Place a small amount of mayonnaise on a piece of paper towel
  2.  Gently rub each leaf.

It’s a bit time-consuming but the healthy glow will last for weeks!

MOLLY MAID will post more of these neat cleaning tips over the next several days. And, with spring around the corner and spring cleaning on everyone’s to-do list, the timing couldn’t be better.

Of course if you run out of time and energy, MOLLY MAID, an expert in cleaning services, would be delighted  to help you.


We can continue to clean your home

Thank you for the trust you place in us to safely clean your home. Latest government guidelines clearly state “Where it is necessary for you to work in other people’s homes – for example, for nannies, cleaners or tradespeople – you can do so" We are happy to offer our customers a safe and effective service following our HomeSafe procedures.