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A Stylish Kick-Off: Molly Maid Edinburgh Franchise Owner, Natalya Alton, Backs Dalkeith Thistle Community Football Club

Natalya Alton, the dedicated Franchise Owner of Molly Maid in Edinburgh along with her supervisor Lisa Stables, are making waves in the community by generously sponsoring the Dalkeith Thistle Community Football Club’s 2010 Balompie squad in Scotland. In a gesture that goes beyond the ordinary, Natalya has provided the squad with brand-new, stylish tracksuits, adding a touch of flair to their game.

The roots of Dalkeith Thistle Community Football Club trace back to the union of Dalkeith Thistle FC and Dalkeith Miners CYP in 2015. The club’s core objectives include promoting participant welfare, creating developmental pathways for adolescence, expanding football opportunities at all levels, providing quality sporting facilities, and encouraging the growth of girls and women’s football within the Dalkeith community.

Natalya Alton’s commitment to community causes aligns seamlessly with Molly Maid’s ethos. Beyond our exceptional cleaning services, Molly Maid has consistently demonstrated a dedication to community upliftment, leaving a positive imprint on the lives of those they serve. Expressing her passion for supporting local youth, Natalya said, “Being part of these young players’ journey is truly special to me. By equipping them with the right resources, we inspire them to dream big and achieve their goals.”

The introduction of these stylish tracksuits not only elevates the 2010 Balompie squad’s appearance but also symbolises the unity, resilience, and unwavering support found within the Dalkeith community. This act of generosity instils pride, confidence, and determination among the players, coaches, and parents associated with the club.

For more information about helping 2010 Balompie squad, you can contact Natalya Alton, who can also help you to keep your home clean and tidy on 0131 564 1137 or email at  

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