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Bringing Magic and Inclusivity: Molly Maid Franchisees Triumphant Journey with Circus Starr

Our Franchise Owner, Ashleigh Tucker, has been a steadfast partner of Circus Starr for three consecutive years, dedicated to bringing joy, excitement, and a touch of magic to children with disabilities, families with limited resources, and those facing various challenges. Regardless of their circumstances, Circus Starr Show provides a platform for these children to be themselves, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging in our community.

Through Ashleigh’s unwavering sponsorship, Circus Starr has been able to host inclusive events that transcend the boundaries of adversity, and in doing so, create lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Particularly, her donations have allowed Circus Starr to not only bring their circus to town but to also donate free tickets to disabled and disadvantaged children in their area, either as individuals or through organisations.

Circus Starr is not-for-profit community interest company, and its purpose is to make an impact on the lives of their audience faced by unfortunate circumstances. 43% of children with a disability have been turned away from festive events and Ashleigh’s donations helped Circus Starr fight the lack of creative and cultural opportunities available to families with a disabled child/children. Through her commitment and generosity, Ashleigh has extended a helping hand to ignite thrills and excitement for all children, where they can revel in the wonder of acrobats, clowns, and mesmerising performances that transport them to a world of endless possibilities. Most importantly, her sponsorship demonstrates that we can come together as a community to make a real difference.

As we continue this remarkable journey with Circus Starr, we look forward to creating more magical moments and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the children and families we serve. Circus Starr, with Ashleigh’s support, will remain a beacon of hope and inspiration for our community’s most deserving members.

For more information about helping Cirus Starr, you can contact Ashleigh Tucker, who can also help you to keep your home clean and tidy on 01225 850 955 or email at For more information on the Molly Maid Community Heroes programme, you can contact Kanika Srivastava at

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