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Top Tips for Keeping your Home Clean

With more families worried about the cleanliness of their home, MOLLY MAID, the UK’s most recognised name in Homecleaning, has the following tips.

  • Clean more often. It sounds almost too simple but it works.  If you are at home more often take advantage of this by cleaning every day.  And, if the kids are home involve them too.

  • Soap & water often does the trick. If you don’t have disinfectant wipes and/or sprays don’t worry – warm, soapy water is fine.  A few drops of dish soap added to eight ounces of warm water will effectively remove most common germs.

  • Clean first then disinfect. If you have a disinfectant spray, clean the area first with soapy water and then apply the disinfectant.  Leave the disinfectant on the surface for 30 seconds before wiping off.

  • Clean high-touch surfaces everyday. Sometimes the large surfaces get the most attention, but these areas often get missed.

    1. Doorknobs and door handles, especially entrance doors

    2. Light switches

    3. Small appliances handles such as; the dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave door, washing machine, tumble dryer, kettles, coffee machine and even remote controls for things like the television

    4. Faucets

    5. Cupboard handles in the kitchen and bathroom

    6. Bannisters

    7. Soap dishes

    8. Shower caddies

    9. Toothbrush holders

  • More frequent washing of bed linen and towels. Increase the frequency you change and launder bed linen and towels to perhaps twice or even three times per week.

  • Clean the very things you use to clean as they are often teeming with germs themselves. Regularly launder the cleaning cloths and dispose of any sponges that may look tired.  You should consider replacing your cleaning sponges every week.

  • Don’t leave wet laundry in your washing machine and leave the washing machine door ajar when you are finished with the laundry.

From all of us at MOLLY MAID we hope that these tips help you to keep your home clean and sanitised and family in better health during this really difficult time.

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