A proven management business, operating in a protected area with the potential to clean up to 12,000 homes. Based on the time and effort the Franchise Owner invests and supported by the MOLLY MAID system, potential net earnings can be up to £50,000 per annum*.

For further growth a Franchise Owner may be able to invest in more than one area, as applicable.

*Based on our top performing Franchise Owners

Benefits of owning your MOLLY MAID Franchise

1. To enjoy running your own people orientated business.

  • To create the work life balance you want
  • To achieve your financial ambitions
  • Be empowered to shape a local business reflecting your values

2. Supported every step of the way

  • Comprehensive business set up and training programmes to effect a strong, fast start
  • Continuous support to deliver strong growth, through online and direct marketing, with shared best practice and insight from high performing Franchise Owners
  • An experienced support team to help with the daily running of your business

3. A caring and long established brand providing

  • Immediate credibility which opens doors to customers homes
  • Confidence of having a market leading brand behind you
  • A long term commitment focused on your future security