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In the face of some of the most challenging trading conditions on record, the industry’s market leaders for professional domestic cleaning, MOLLY MAID, continues to grow and expand.  MOLLY MAID International announced record consumer sales of over CAD$229.9 million (2009: CAD$220.7million) which represents a 4% increase in growth on the results from last year.  With over 450 MOLLY MAID Franchise Owners across the UK, Canada, USA, Portugal and Japan the MOLLY MAID brand is ‘tickled pink’ with these results.

Moreover, MOLLY MAID UK with 72 Franchise Owners in their Network, contributed £15.3 million in 2010 in total consumer sales – a 3% increase from 2009. So far, 2011 has exceeded all expectations with consumer sales up more than 30%  from this time last year, whilst the Franchise network is set to expand in 2011.

Pam Bader OBE, CEO of MOLLY MAID UK explained:

“As an organisation we witnessed one recession in the 1990’s and now another, but both times we have risen to the challenge and become stronger as a result.  I am therefore, delighted to announce these results particularly given this year’s tumultuous economy combined with the adverse weather conditions faced by nearly all of our Franchise Owners in our historically busiest final quarter. Despite these challenges, MOLLY MAID has continued to prosper and we look forward to continued growth in 2011. MOLLY MAID has become for our customers an affordable necessity.”

MOLLY MAID credited the continuing success of the business to a combination of the hard work and tenacity from Franchise Owners and their staff, as well as a desire to provide exemplary customer care with the strength of the MOLLY MAID brand.


Notes to Editors

MOLLY MAID is one of the world’s largest professional domestic cleaning services, carrying out 1.8 million home cleans every year worldwide. Initially founded in Canada in 1979, MOLLY MAID currently trades in Canada, USA, Japan, Portugal and the UK.

MOLLY MAID offers a guaranteed, flexible and affordable domestic cleaning service. Staff are fully insured, work in teams of two and arrive in MOLLY MAID branded cars, bringing with them all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies.

MOLLY MAID came to the UK in 1984 and has grown from a standing start to 72 Franchise Owners nationwide and a current annual turnover of over £15.3 million.

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