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After a wet and miserable winter, many people may be thinking of refreshing their homes with a spring clean to welcome the warmer weather and longer, lighter days. But while Brits are reaching for the marigolds, a new survey has revealed that we’ll spend an average of 10 years of our life on mundane everyday tasks such as maintaining the house and car, cleaning and tidying, preparing meals, cleaning up after pets, helping kids with homework and managing household finances.

A study of 2,000 British adults conducted by OnePoll on behalf of MOLLY MAID, the UK’s leading professional domestic cleaning service, found that the average British adult spends 26 hours a week doing household chores. The survey found that the most commonly despised cleaning chore around the house is cleaning the bathroom, with 45% of respondents identifying this as their least favourite task. Cleaning the kitchen was also found to be hugely unpopular as one in five (21%) declared this their most hated job.

Interestingly, the survey revealed that the gender gap is closing more than ever when it comes to helping out around the house, with women spending on average 8.14 hours a week on cleaning tasks alone, and men 7.21 hours a week. This shift towards the balancing of gender roles in the home could be further explained by the study’s finding that 6% of Brits have a professional cleaner to help around the house. It may not be surprising that in London this rises to 11%, closely followed by 9% of those in the West Midlands.

The survey found that British adults generally spend slightly less time on household chores than they do having fun (30 hours per week). When asked how they would like to spend their free time instead of cleaning, Brits prefer to read (15%), go to the gym (11%), relax in front of the TV (10%), go out with friends (13%), or spend quality time with the family (21%). However, more than a third of the respondents (34%) would prefer to spend any extra free time they could get on themselves.

Pam Bader OBE, Chief Executive of MOLLY MAID, commented: “This survey is a real insight into the day-to-day lifestyle and habits of the British public, and the results have proved to be very interesting. With most of us spending ten years of our life on day to day household upkeep, it is unsurprising that many of us cut corners when cleaning to try to preserve our precious free time and maintain a good quality of life. The results reflect a shift in priorities for many British families that has directly impacted our business – in the last 12 months alone we have seen an increase of almost 5% in the number of cleans to more than a quarter of a million – as a greater number of households opt to use a professional cleaning service to allow for more ‘me time’.

“As a nation, now is the time we traditionally refresh our homes with a spring clean. Hiring in outside help to get on top of the housework could be the perfect solution for many families who would rather make the most of their spare time outside of work, and still make sure their homes are in tip top condition.”

Cutting corners to win back precious free time

Many Brits admit to cutting corners when cleaning around the house, avoiding thorough cleaning in order to squeeze in more free time.

  • One in two Brits dust around objects instead of picking them up
  • One in four admit to picking clothes up off the floor and stuffing them back into the wardrobe
  • 40% have confessed to squirting bleach down the toilet instead of cleaning it properly
  • 41% regularly skip vacuuming in favour of picking the most noticeable bits off the floor
  • One in five admit to spraying air freshener instead of cleaning properly

More hands make light work

  • More than one in three British parents (36%) encourage their children to get involved with the cleaning
  • Seven in ten of these parents offer pocket money of £3.71 on average per child for each cleaning task
  • 45% of these parents would only offer their children money if they had done a good job
  • Children in London benefit most from helping out around the house, earning an average of £4.42, closely followed by £4.20 in the Midlands
  • Kids in Wales and the South West have to work harder for their pocket money, earning on average just £3.13 and £3.16 respectively

Closing of the gender gap

The survey also highlights some interesting differences in gender roles when it comes to household cleaning. Women are still doing the lioness’ share of the cleaning, but men are increasingly doing their bit with certain chores.

  • The female respondents surveyed work an average of 28 hours a week, compared to 32 hours a week for men
  • 71% of the women surveyed said they spend between 1 and 2 hours a week dusting
  • 30% of the men never dust, compared to 16% of women
  • 6% of men never clean the bathroom, but less than 0.5% of women confess to the same
  • However, 10% of women clean the bathroom on a daily basis, with 9% of men revealing they do the same
  • Women spend more time doing laundry (3.2 hours) than their male counterparts (2.2 hours)
  • Women spend 8.14 hours a week on average cleaning the house, compared to 7.21 hours a week for men
  • Women spend more time preparing dinner than men (4.17 hours compared to 3.25 hours)
  • Other tasks were more evenly matched: including cleaning the toilet (women 1.75 hours, men 1.62 hours), vacuuming (1.99 hours for women, 1.78 for men) and dusting (1.68 hours for women, 1.46 for men)
  • Men spend more time paying bills and managing household finances (1.7 hours for men, 1.56 hours for women)
  • 22% of the women surveyed and 19% of men would prefer to spend more free time with their families
  • Second choice for men is watching TV or playing computer games (14%), while only 6% of women would choose this activity
  • 16% of women would rather spend time with friends, compared to just 10% of men

Regional differences

Regionally, the results also show fascinating differences in attitudes towards home cleanliness across the UK, and how Brits in different areas of the country like to spend their free time.

  • People in Wales spend on average 1.75 hours a week dusting compared to 1.45 in Scotland
  • The Northern Irish spend half an hour a week longer with the vacuum compared to the Scots
  • It seems Londoners are also house-proud, spending 2.06 hours a week cleaning the toilet compared to 1.46 hours in Yorkshire and The Humber
  • 19% of people in Northern Ireland confess their homes are ‘never’ clean or tidy whereas just 8% of those in the West Midlands admit the same thing
  • More than one in three (35%) in the North East would consider their homes ‘spotless’, compared to just one in five from the South East (21%)
  • Instead of cleaning, one in five of those in Scotland and East Anglia would prefer to spend their free time reading (21% and 20%) rather than be with family (18% and 17%)
  • Londoners prefer to be sociable, with 18% wishing they could spend more time with family and 16% with friends

East Anglia

  • Those in East Anglia spend on average 9.63 hours a week watching TV – the highest of any other region
  • If they didn’t have to spend time cleaning, most East Anglians (21%) would rather spend time reading, followed by 17% spending time with family and 16% watching TV
  • If they had more free time, 33% of those in East Anglia would prefer to spend time on themselves, compared to 29% in Northern Ireland and 39% in Scotland
  • 13% would choose to spend time on others, compared to 29% in Northern Ireland and 12% in the South East
  • In East Anglia 7% of people have a professional cleaner
  • 81% of East Anglians admit to dusting around objects instead of picking them up and 46% pick up bits from the floor instead of vacuuming or mopping
  • 48% of those in East Anglia despise cleaning the bathroom the most
  • Children in East Anglia receive £3.71 on average to help with cleaning
  • The majority of those in East Anglia (41%) clean their bathroom once a week, with 5% admitting to only cleaning it once a month, and 8% cleaning it every day
  • 13% of people consider their childhood home as ‘never clean or tidy’ – the highest in the country
  • 8% now consider their homes never clean or tidy, but 20% think their homes are spotless


There are many dirty hot spots lurking in the home that are invisible to the naked eye, however, most hidden areas are easy to clean when you know what to look for with the right know-how.

We may have just survived the coldest March since records began but don’t let that put you off readying your home for the warmer months ahead. With spring cleaning season upon us, MOLLY MAID Norwich reveals some filthy facts to make you sit up and take spring cleaning seriously along with some sparkling solutions to address the problem areas.

Filthy Facts

  • The average man or woman shed about 600,000 particles of skin per year, which is approximately 1.5 pounds (680 grams) of skin.  By the age of 70, a person will have lost 105 pounds of skin particles (47.6 kilograms) equivalent to two thirds of their entire body weight.*

MOLLY MAID says: A high percentage of dust is made up of dead skin so there’s no avoiding it; everyone’s home has dust mites which can cause allergies. Limit dust collectors in your house such as ornaments, books and wall hangings and vacuum carpets at least once a week to keep the mites to a minimum.

  • The average bed has over 10,000 house dust mites living in it which results in there being over two million droppings.**

MOLLY MAID says: Dust mites thrive in the bedroom so to keep them at bay by ensuring that you use covers for mattresses and pillows, wash bed linens weekly in hot water and vacuum regularly.

  • The average pillow doubles in weight over a period of six months due to dust mite faeces.**

MOLLY MAID says: Wash pillow cases frequently and wash them every day if you have a cold or flu so bacteria doesn’t linger. Most pillows can be hand washed in cool water with a mild detergent or put in the washing machine on a delicate wash and tumble dried on the lowest setting.

  • There are 295 bacteria for every square inch of toilet seat.  There are 3.2 million bacteria on the toilet bowl.***

MOLLY MAID says: Spray the lid, seat, ledge and hinges behind the seat with a bathroom cleaner and wipe for a thorough clean of the outside of the toilet. Don’t forget to clean the handle of the toilet with soapy water or disinfectant as people rarely wash their hands before flushing.

  • There are typically 500,000 bacteria per square inch in the kitchen sink drain.***

MOLLY MAID says: Your kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in the house. The best cleaning tool in the kitchen is a microfibre dishcloth that you can wash regularly in hot water rather than a sponge which is the biggest culprit for germ collection. Scrub the plughole carefully with a grout brush and use a tooth brush to remove any dirt round the edges of the taps before polishing using a glass cleaner and dry cloth.

Follow these top tips and rid your home of dust, germs and grime and feel fresh in time for Spring, or call MOLLY MAID Norwich on 01603 486666, Email: or to come to the rescue.


Notes to editor:

*Source: Donald Levy, MD

**Source: Allergy UK

***Source: Ranker

Filthy Brits Miss Out on Love

Dirty Brits are missing out on an altogether different kind of filth thanks to their unsavoury hygiene habits. A massive 73% of singletons in Norwich would shelve a second date with a potential partner if their house was a den of dirt.

In a survey conducted by MOLLY MAID, the UK’s leading domestic cleaning company, a whopping 61% of women judge others on the cleanliness of their homes with 13% of them equating untidiness to laziness and 16% to poor personal hygiene.

A staggering 69% of people wouldn’t go to a friend’s home for dinner if they knew the kitchen was always dirty or messy with half of those worrying that they might catch something from any germs lurking if they did and 47% of them concerned that they would be given dirty plates or cutlery but wouldn’t want to seem rude by saying something about it.

Surprisingly, almost half of all men in Norwich have gossiped about the state of a friend’s home, joking that they tripped over all the mess, compared to 29% of women who have talked behind a friend’s back about their grubby home.

58% of people wouldn’t let their children play round a dirty house and of the parents that would, 26% would give the kids anti-bacterial wipes to clean themselves up while visiting.

Kerry Minns, MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner in Norwich said; “Just because people work longer hours and have less time on their hands to do daily chores doesn’t mean that others are any less forgiving when it comes to judging the state of your home.”

“Being house-proud is a really important quality to have and even if someone has a fantastic career, amazing personality or a nice smile, a dirty house is a massive no-no! Sometimes it’s good to get a helping hand from professional cleaners to come home to a lovely clean and comfortable environment not only for yourself but for visitors to relax in too.”

MOLLY MAID has been providing bespoke professional domestic cleaning services to homes across the UK for over 25 years. Visit for more information or contact Kerry Minns on 01603 486666 to discuss your specific cleaning requirements.


Cleanliness should be next to godliness, but it’s kitchen devil, Gordon Ramsay’s no nonsense ‘clean as you go’ approach that’s scored top marks in Norwich this Spring.

In a recent poll of 1,000 people for professional domestic cleaning firm, MOLLY MAID, more than one in three men in Norwich likened their home cleaning style to the kitchen supremo with an astonishing 45 per cent admitting to including cleaning in their daily routine and 48 per cent ranking the kitchen and bathroom as the most important rooms to keep clean.

Almost a third likened their cleaning to the military precision of Boris Johnson’s electoral canvassing campaigns in London while one in five domestic gods put their polishing prowess on a par with all-round helpful husband and daytime TV presenter, Philip Schofield. But it seems that male chauvinism might not be dead and buried just yet, with 17 per cent of men preferring the Alan Sugar approach to home cleaning!

In stark contrast to the dust busting males, only 18 per cent of women felt that they had graduated from the same school of obsessive cleanliness as Monica from Friends. One in three women in Norwich are more likely to put friends and family first and one in two far too busy with the kids to worry about cleaning – just like Desperate Housewife’s Lynette.  One in ten confessed to regularly pulling a ‘Hyacinth Bucket’ style cleaning manoeuvre in order to keep up appearances while clean freaks, Aggi McKenzie and Mary Poppins failed to register with more than 12 per cent of women.

Kerry Minns, MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner in Norwich said; “Life is so fast paced these days that cleaning is often bottom of our list of priorities but it doesn’t stop us being any less house-proud than we were in the past.”

“The fact that men in Norwich like a clean home and more often than not take on half of the housework is not surprising as more and more households are owned by couples who both work full time. Sometimes it’s good to get a helping hand from professional cleaners to make life that bit easier and less stressful to make your home spotless.”

MOLLY MAID has been providing bespoke professional domestic cleaning services to homes across the UK for over 25 years. Visit  for more information or contact Kerry Minns on 01603 486666 or email to discuss your specific cleaning requirements.