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Frequently Asked Questions

The initial cost is £18,975+VAT. This amount covers all the training costs at our offices, supplies and equipment for your first team and £10,000 to invest in marketing your business during the first year. For most Franchise Owners this amount is more than half of your first year’s marketing budget.

No you don’t. Most individuals finance all or a portion of this cost. We are well known to many High Street banks and the Government backed loan scheme administered through Biz Britain. We do recommend that you have access to working capital – an amount that will vary by each Franchise Owner.

Let’s be honest and say that you probably won’t make a substantial profit in your first year in business. In year one you are going to incur many costs that you won’t have in subsequent years. Therefore, most Franchise Owners will either break even or make a small profit in their first year of business.

The average MOLLY MAID Franchise operates between 5 – 6 routes (one route = two maids in a car carrying out 4 to 5 cleans per day). This generates an annual turnover of £250,000. For some inspiration, our top grossing Franchises generate annual sales exceeding £500,000.

We encourage you to focus on getting the business established and create cleaning teams. However, in the beginning you will probably choose to help some of your teams to get to know them and the customers but thereafter you will spend your time managing and growing your business.

We don’t’ charge by the hour – we charge by the clean with the most popular frequency of cleaning being fortnightly. Our customers live varied and busy lives and sometimes their home needs more time to clean but they don’t want their price to change. For this reason we find that a fixed price per clean works better for them and for us too.

Over the years we have invested over £1 million pounds in developing our bespoke systems that help you schedule customers and teams, map the routes to your customers on Google Maps, calculate your employee’s wages, manage customer communication and respond to enquiries from new customers. Our Franchise Owners tell us they couldn’t live without this software.

The MOLLY MAID brand is the most well-known in the industry and literally opens the doors to thousands of new customers. You will start getting new customers even before you officially ‘open’ your door. We start the paid search advertising (Google) during training week and this generates most of the 60,000 requests for service we received in 2017. The marketing plan will also include delivery of leaflets and community sponsorship (subsidised by ourselves) but one of the best forms of advertising are our instantly recognisable ‘pink and blue cars’. If you were to ask new customers how they came to know of MOLLY MAID “I’ve seen the car” is the most common response we receive.

If you are investigating other industry leading Franchises, you will know that helping you to manage and grow your business is one of the Franchisor’s primary roles. Though we think that our support systems are just common sense we have learned that many companies either can’t or don’t do what we do. With MOLLY MAID you have a dedicated business advisor helping you get started, you spend a full week at our offices receiving training, we’ve created programs that reward great work and you attend regular seminars and conventions to help you meet other Franchise Owners and offer great training of key skills needed to drive a successful business.

Whether you are buying a new or an existing business, you will visit our offices at least three times before starting your business, including a full week of training. A dedicated MOLLY MAID Business Advisor will also spend the first week at your offices with you and thereafter are just a phone call, email or text away to help you. Annually we hold meetings in the spring and autumn covering business topics suggested by Franchise Owners. Training never really stops in our organisation.

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