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Christmas Clean-Up – It’s Easier Than You Think

Traditionally, Boxing Day was when tradesmen collected “Christmas boxes” of money or presents as thanks for good service throughout the year. Today, Boxing Day is a day spent with family, shopping the sales – or cleaning up.

And a quiet day at home after all the festivities is the perfect time to clean up a bit, […]

December 26th, 2012|Cleaning Tips, Organization Tips|

Make Time for Holiday Magic – Here Are 6 Time-Savers

‘So much to do and so little time’ – sounds like the run-up to Christmas, doesn’t it? What with cooking, last minute shopping, gift wrapping, cards to write and house cleaning, it’s a wonder you get to enjoy the holidays. But there are a few ways you can build in time. Here are 5 small […]

December 21st, 2012|Family, Organization Tips|

Christmas Is Coming – How to Prepare Your House for Guests

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year with lots of specialoccasions and get-togethers. If you have friends and family comingwith their overnight bags, prepare your home ahead of time so it’sa relaxed and stress-free visit for everyone. The house cleaningexperts at MOLLY MAID provide these cleaning tips to help make yourhome shine for your […]

December 12th, 2012|Cleaning Tips, Family, Organization Tips|

MOLLY MAID Green Christmas Ideas: 5 Homemade Decorations

If you’re dreaming of a green Christmas, why not plan a few craft days for your family and make your own holiday decorations.

Homemade decorations are perfect to use to decorate gifts, display around the house, or hang on the tree… and making them together is a wonderful way to celebrate the season and make the […]

December 5th, 2012|Family, Organization Tips|

Love Sending Greeting Cards? Cut Shopping Time Almost 100%

While you’re on the hunt for Christmas cards this year, why not get your card shopping done for the whole year! The domestic cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID, who are also experts at organising just about anything, suggest this easy, time-efficient shopping trick: create a chart of the cards you need so you can be well prepared […]

November 28th, 2012|Family, Organization Tips|

How to Make the Linen Cupboard Work For You

If opening the door to your linen cupboard causes an avalanche of towels, wash clothes and other linens, it’s time to take control and organise and optimise the space.

The cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID provide these quick tips:

Towels: Instead of stacking towels and cramming them in between the shelves, roll them up.  This works the same […]

November 21st, 2012|Organization Tips|

Dog Breath Be Gone: MOLLY MAID Knows What To Do!

The cold weather may mean you are snuggling more often with your pooch… but those slobbery kisses and panting in your face are a huge reminder that a dog’s breath can be pretty nasty. Here are 3 easy tricks to help freshen your dog’s breath (and it won’t cost a fortune!)

RAW BONES: If you don’t […]

November 14th, 2012|Family, Pets|

5 Ways to Combat the Cold Virus Now

It’s cold and flu season and other than getting a flu jab (speak to your doctor for that), there are several ways you can prevent the spread of germs at home and keep your strength up to fight off bugs. Here’s how:

Keep your immune system healthy by getting at least eight hours of sleep per night, if possible.
Wash […]

November 7th, 2012|Family|


Halloween is great fun… but the day after all the fun is over has to be one of the messiest of the year with smashed pumpkins, candy stains, glitter and other scary decorations left behind.

Have no fears – the experts at MOLLY MAID offer cleaning tips for anyone who has access to soap and water […]

October 31st, 2012|Cleaning Tips, Family|

MOLLY MAID Experts Use the ‘4 Ns’ When Grocery Shopping

Next time you head to the supermarket, keep the 4 N’s in mind to ensure you’re buying the healthiest food for your family that you can. The green cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID have identified these ‘clean living’ strategies.

1) Natural: Nutrition experts recommend that you eat as much unprocessed food as possible (so lots of fresh vegetables […]

October 24th, 2012|Family, Green Housekeeping|