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Room Fresheners for the Kitchen

As temperatures begin to drop, we tend to close the windows - and the lack of fresh air circulating around our homes, means that cooking smells tend to linger for longer.

But there are easy ways to keep air fresh, say the professional domestic cleaners at MOLLY MAID, who utilise Green Housekeeping  products for their customers.

In some cases, fragrance will seep into the rest of the house too, so here's how to make the air smell fresh and clean:

  • To deal with sharp odours, such as fish and onion on utensils and cutting boards, wipe them with white vinegar and wash in hot soapy water.
  • Keep fresh coffee grounds in a bowl on the counter, as the grounds help absorb odours.
  • Place slice of lemon rind in the dishwasher for a short cycle - it will release a delicious citrus scent.
  • Simmer water, citrus fruits and cinnamon, or other spices, on stove.
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Living Room: 10 Minute Speedy Clean

Who hasn't been faced with a last minute visitor… and a huge mess in the living room?

The house cleaners at MOLLY MAID say it's simple to make the living room presentable in just 10 minutes (but remember to do a deeper clean later in the week).

Here's how it's done:     

  • First, 'hide' the clutter. Store - or hide - anything that doesn't belong in the room in a container, box or even a cupboard. You can put items in their proper place later.
  • Make the sofa look inviting and comfortable. Brush off cushions and fluff the pillows.
  • Dust table tops, including the coffee table and side tables. If you have an open plan main floor, dust the dining room table too. Clear the dining room table.
  • Any chance you can take the vase of fresh flowers from the hallway or kitchen and put them on the dining room table?
  • Straighten contents of the coffee table into neat stacks. Neatly arrange magazines and books (or hide them as well).
  • Spot clean cabinet fronts wherever you see fingerprints, particularly from shiny surfaces.
  • Sweep or vacuum - just the floor for now; don't worry about moving furniture.
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Cleaning Electronics: tricks of the trade

The professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID are always faced with questions about cleaning challenges; one of the biggest is how to clean electronics.

Here's how to do it:

  • Always check the owner's manual for instructions regarding the care and cleaning of electronic equipment such as the stereo, speakers, television, DVD player before embarking on this project!
  • Dust the outsides of electronics with a soft dust-mop cloth. Don't use abrasives or solvents on metal.
  • Use glass cleaner sprayed on a microfibre cloth to clean the top, sides and control panels and to wipe the shelf in front of stereo equipment. Never spray cleaning product directly onto home electronics.
  • Spray the vents of equipment with a can of compressed air to remove dust.
  • Wipe the dock of your rechargeable electronics with a slightly damp microfibre cloth.
  • Clean remote controls with a damp microfibre cloth - wiping the entire surface including the front, back, sides and buttons. It's especially important to clean surfaces that we touch a lot, as this is where we transfer germs. You could consider using a small amount of surgical spirit on a microfibre cloth to ensure the germs are dealt with.
  • Use a dry electrostatic cloth or sponge to dust screens of plasma, LCD and standard TV sets in long horizontal strokes starting at the top of the screen.
  • To clean the frame and 'cabinet' of the TV, use a microfibre cloth to dust the top and sides. Use the soft-brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the ventilation grills at the back of the TV.
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Let’s Go Apple Picking

Many farms or orchards have smaller sized trees, so it's usually easy for children  of all ages to help out. Make sure you call the farm ahead of your visit to check availability and hours.

MOLLY MAID, the domestic cleaners, suggest you bring the following:

  • Casual clothes: Wear comfortable shoes and clothes which you don't mind getting dirty. Everyone should be able to reach and crouch easily as they walk amidst the trees picking. Pack a jacket or jumper and gloves for cooler days.
  • Baskets: Most farms supply baskets, but at an additional cost - so if you have any, bring them along.  This will make for easy apple transporting to your home and will limit bruising of the flesh.
  • Sense of fun: Many farms include tractor rides and even animal pen, so be prepared to be outside for a while.
  • Apple knowledge: The best apples are firm, brightly coloured and free of bruises. The skin should be clean and shiny. When you get home, refrigerate apples for up to two weeks. Larger amounts should be stored in a cellar fridge or insulated garage, making sure the temperature stays just above zero.
  • Recipe ideas and ingredients' lists: Apples are great eaten as is or they're wonderful in pies and cobblers. Some people like to make apple sauce. Check recipes ahead of time to make sure you pick sufficient - and the right type - of apples needed for your delicious recipes.  
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Is it Time to Clean Out the Junk Drawer? Here’s How!

In a perfect world the junk drawer stays clean, tidy, and orderly forever.

But family members are forever rummaging in the junk drawer looking for something, so there comes a time when the drawer's contents need to be sorted out and tidied if anyone has any chance of finding anything!

In fact, the home cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID recommend cleaning out the junk drawer at least once every four to six months to stay on top of the clutter.

Here's how to clean it out:  

  1. Take everything out of the drawer, sorting each item into five piles as you do: 'keep', 'throw away', 'recycle', 'put in a different drawer', 'not sure'.
  2. Vacuum out the drawer (remember to use the crevice tool to reach all the corners) and wipe with a slightly damp microfibre cloth.
  3. Line the drawer with lining paper. The paper will help keep it clean. Wallpaper will work instead of drawer-lining paper. Or, scented paper will keep things smelling great.
  4. Return items to the drawer in an organised fashion. Consider making a trip to the pound shop to get some small containers which will help keep order.
  5. Anything left in the 'not sure' pile? It might be time to discard it.  
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