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Relax: Enjoy a Day to Yourself

Finally, you have a day off for yourself. Organise for MOLLY MAID, the professional house cleaning company, to wave their magic wand giving you back the precious gift of time leaving you free to enjoy some of the following:

  • Catch a film with friends, a loved one or alone.
  • Relax in the garden with Sudoku puzzles or the crossword.
  • Just read - for the entire day!
  • Sample a new restaurant in your area or town.
  • Meet a friend for a walk in the park and catch up.
  • Go window shopping in a shopping area you don't normally go to.
  • Book a pedicure.
  • Treat yourself to an ice cream cone.
  • Visit a second hand store and see whether you can get some deals at reasonable prices.
  • Call someone you have not called in a long time… and chat.
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CLEAN: Kids and Their Bedrooms

Children and cleaning don't always go hand-in-hand but there are ways to introduce cleaning to your children so that they pick up good habits. The professional domestic cleaning company, MOLLY MAID, provides this guide.

Set a good example. Parents are childrens' first role models. Do you take pride in your home? Keep your own things in order? Have a positive attitude towards the daily tasks of keeping house? If the answer is yes, you're halfway there.

Help create a sense of pride. Ownership helps to instill a sense of pride. Find ways to give children some control over their space. For example, let them rearrange the furniture or choose the colour of paint for the room. They can also decorate boxes to organise their stuff and choose or make pictures for the wall.

Explain exactly what cleaning a room means. In fact, make a checklist that children can refer to with pictures for little ones and simple words for older ones.

  • Make your bed.
  • Put laundry in the laundry basket.
  • Hang up clothes.
  • Put toys and equipment away.
  • Turn off your computer
  • Vacuum or sweep your floor.

Organise. Provide boxes and bins. Work together at labeling and deciding what goes where.

De-clutter constantly. Make it a rule that for everything that goes into the room, something needs to come out. For example, if your daughter gets a new skirt, an old one goes to the local charity shop. A new toy means an old one must be passed along. This rule teaches children that keeping things tidy makes them feel good. It's also important to keep the room clean of washing up and rubbish, and to put clean clothes away after it's been laundered.

Together. Show children how it's done rather than tell them how to clean. As they master the skills and no longer need step-by-step encouragement, you can use that time to converse.  

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Back to School: How to Get the Children Ready

The end of August is a good time to start preparing the children for going back to school... and getting used to the school year routine again. Sit down with the children and explain how these 7 steps will help.  

1. Morning

Set the alarm again and start getting up and dressed at the same time every morning. Start eating breakfast, lunch, and snacks around the times your child will eat when school is in session. 

2. Independence

Help your child to start managing things on their own. Talk to them about organizing school materials, writing down assignments, and bringing home homework.

3. Routine

Designate a spot where school things such as backpacks and lunch boxes always go. This will avoid last-minute scrambles in the morning. You might also make a list of things to bring to school and post it by the front door.

4. Homework

Homework is part of the deal - and should be part of your child's everyday routine. Establish a time and a place for studying at home. Try to be available during homework time.  

5. After-School 

Figure out what happens after school because school gets out sooner than most people's workdays end. Do you need to find an after-school programme? Do you need a sitter? Someone to pick up kids at school? You might want to do a few practice runs before school starts so everyone's familiar with the new routine.  

6. If Kids Get Sick

Line up a trusted babysitter or group of parents that can help each other when children get sick. Check the school's policy too. You may have to sign forms ahead of time listing people who have your permission to pick up your child.

7. Orientation

Schools usually invite parents and students to orientation and information sessions - you should go. These are good opportunities for you to meet teachers, school counselors, the principle, and the front desk staff. 


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Packing Up Your Camping Gear

Is camping something your family does every summer? When the trip is over, it's important to pack things up so they're clean and ready to go for the next adventure. The home cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID have the following tips:

  • Pull out everything from inside the tent and shake out equipment such as sleeping bags and blankets to air before you fold them up, washing them if necessary.
  • Sweep out the tent with a broom or small brush/dustpan. Remove any dirt, sand, leaves, and anything else that you brought in.
  • Take down and fold the tent as it was originally folded (so it fits back into its bag). As you fold it up brush off any dirt, leaves etc., if necessary. Also, squeeze the air out. Canvas tents are usually folded into a flat pack and dome tents are usually rolled.
  • Collect all pegs, ropes and hammer.
  • Wash the camping stove if necessary. Wipe off any dirt from any of the other camping equipment as you pack it into your vehicle or trailer.
  • Before you leave, walk around the campsite to check if anything has been left behind. It's easy to leave something leaning up against a tree or in the grass or leaves.
  • When you get home and un-pack the car, put camping gear away, straight away... unless the tent is not completely dry. In which case, unfold it, hang it over a fence and rotate it or spread it out in a shed if it is raining.
  • Before packing away camping gear that uses batteries, such as torches, remove the batteries. They can corrode and leak when they're not used for long periods.
  • Store cooking utensils, plates, bowls etc in a tub with a lid, so they ready for next time too.
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Water-Games Day

When it's hot, there's nothing more fun or refreshing than a water games day with family or friends. Everyone gets to be a child again!

Advise everyone to bring their swimsuit, a towel, flip flops, and waterproof sunscreen. Add a little background music, snacks, and cold lemonade. And turn on the water!

The Garden/ outside space

  • Buy or borrow a few kiddie pools - and splash around with the little ones.
  • Have a pool party if you are fortunate enough to have a pool. Make sure someone is always acting as lifeguard. And be sure to have rules about behaviour in the pool, etc.
  • Turn on the sprinkler - and take turns running through it.
  • Gather as many spray bottles, buckets, tubs, and water pistols as possible - and have a water fight! It's amazing how quickly adults become children again!
  • Fill a bunch of balloons with water - and try one of these fun games.
  • Water Balloon Spoon Races:  Fill up small water balloons and race them on a spoon, much like an egg race.  First to the finish line with balloon intact wins!
  • Water Balloon Toss:  Grab a partner and stand across from them.  Toss a water balloon back and forth, stepping further back with each toss.  For a variation, consider catching the balloon in a bowl, bucket, or towel.
  • Water Balloon Bust or Hot Potato Balloon:  Everyone sits in a circle.  Play music and pass a balloon around the circle.  When the music ended (someone should be manning the music), the person left with the balloon can break it over their head.  Or, they can choose to squeeze it over another person's head. Use a new water-filled balloon and play again.

Local area or park

  • Spend an afternoon at a local outdoor local pool. Then, pick up pizza on the way back home as a treat.

Further afield

  • Pack a picnic and go to a conservation area that has a lake or a river and settle down for a few hours with books and some traditional games like cards or backgammon, or try asking the children to go 'bug hunting' or 'butterfly spotting'.
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